With the development of autonomous weapons we may avoid what Pastor Harry Emerson Fosdick described as war’s greatest tragedy, but will this lead to an even greater tragedy?

A summary of this piece appeared in The Spectator on 21/2/2021 (link below).

The Chauvet–Pont–d’Arc Cave in France contains some of the…

Dislocation of expectation and the problem of hope

Having long promised that the UK would be able to celebrate Christmas with limited restrictions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this week that new restrictions that would keep many families apart after a year of separations and sacrifices, dashing the hopes of many. After the announcement the Prime Minister was…

How philosophy helps a soldier wrestle with ethical questions, and how it can help everyone

When I joined the British Army one of my biggest concerns was would I know the right thing to do in an extreme environment such as the battlefield. I received excellent training in leadership, the army’s values, and the laws of armed conflict. However, laws only give a minimal set…

Andy Owen


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